Travelling Exhibitions

Travelling exhibitions form a major component of the national and international activities of the International Youth Library. They are based on successful exhibitions, whose content and format are particularly suitable for travel both throughout Germany and abroad.

Aside from programme classics that have already been updated a number of times, such as “Hello, Dear Enemy” or “It’s all about family”, five new exhibitions are currently on offer.

Most of the travelling exhibitions consist of books and panels with reproduced images and texts, though some exhibitions also include valuable original illustrations, sketches and objects.

The exhibitions can be shown at book fairs and literary festivals, as well as by museums, libraries, book stores, schools and other educational institutions. They promote dialogue concerning children’s and youth literature and are well-suited for pedagogical work in museums.

Lending fee upon request. The borrower is responsible for all transportation and insurance associated costs. We offer support with organisational and legal questions.