Literature Research

With the exception of some special collections and those holdings which have only been inventoried so far, the International Youth Library‘s book holdings can be retrieved online and ordered via the Library’s webOPAC, as well as in Gateway Bayern, a database of the Bavarian Library Network. Sections of the holdings indexed in webOPAC can be accessed via „OPAC Poster Collection“ as well as „The White Ravens“ catalogues.

All White Ravens Books featured since 2012 can be found in the White Ravens Database

The estates of James Krüss, Michael Ende, Jella Lepman (house archive of the International Youth Library), Josef Guggenmos, Binette Schroeder, Lilo Fromm, Christa Spangenberg (with Ellermann archive), and Hans Baumann, are indexed in Kalliope, the central union catalogue for estates and autographs in Germany.

Some special collections are indexed in internal databases, which can be consulted on request.

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