Cooperation with the Bavarian Library Network and the Bavarian State Library

The retro-conversion and retro-cataloguing projects of the International Youth Library, all other projects concerning the catalogue database and the planning of digitisation projects take place in cooperation with the Bavarian Library Network and the Bavarian State Library.

Cooperation with the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, the UB Bielefeld and the TUB Braunschweig

The ongoing DFG-funded digitisation project Colibri (Corpus Libri et Liberi), in which a digitally accessible text corpus of a total of 15,000 German-language children's and young adults books from the long 19th century is being built up, is being carried out in cooperation with the three libraries mentioned above as well as an academic advisory board.

Cooperation with the Confucius Institute Munich

The Confucius Institute Munich and the International Youth Library want to promote the mediation of high-quality Chinese children's and youth literature in Germany for an interested international audience in the framework of a long-term and cross-institutional cooperation.

With its annual donations of Chinese literature, the Confucius Institute makes it possible to build up a stock of Chinese children's and youth literature on loan in the public children's library. The Consulate General of the People's Republic of China and the Confucius Institute initiated this project with a first-time generous donation of more than 350 current picture, children's and youth books from the People's Republic of China for the Children's Library and the Archive Library in April 2013.

In future, the International Youth Library will catalogue Chinese books not only in transcription but also in original script, even if for the time being the original script information is only available via Gateway Bayern or the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue.

The books are to be supplemented with original Chinese written annotations to make them more accessible to Chinese native speakers and international children's and young people's book research. In an ongoing catalogue enrichment project, webOPAC will be enriched with title translations, tables of contents and bio-bibliographical information on authors and illustrators that have been compiled and made available by the Confucius Institute. In the long term, it is planned to make it possible to display and search the original written information in webOPAC of the International Youth Library.

Cooperation with The National Library for Children & Young Adults, Seoul, Korea

The International Youth Library has been cooperating with the Korean National Library for Children and Young Adults since 2014. The IYL sends 100 German-language books to Seoul every year and receives 100 children's and youth books in Korean in exchange. In addition, travelling exhibitions of the IYL are lent to the Korean library if required.