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Writing workshop for young authors

Writing on one's own initiative is far more than just a form of self-expression. Many teenagers and young adults pursue their own writing projects, writing with passion and a pronounced demand for quality. In order for them to work on their own texts even more successfully and for their writing personalities to develop further, they need exchange, inspiration and qualified guidance.

Since 2012, the workshop for young authors has created a framework for this. At regular meetings, the 15 to 20-year-old participants are given a forum in which they can present their texts and discuss them with like-minded people. They receive a professional assessment of their texts and suggestions for further work, as well as specific ideas on how they can expand their repertoire of themes, styles and forms. In this way, literary skills are strengthened on an individual basis and the view for other people's and one's own texts is sharpened.

The workshop for young authors is accompanied by Beate Schäfer, who has been professionally supporting authors as an editor for many years and, as a trained writing teacher, runs workshops in the field of creative writing.

Funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.