Online Catalogues

Please note!

Please order books at least 2 weeks prior to your stay in the reading room.

If you have any questions, please contact Nadine Zimmermann:

The complete holdings of the International Youth Library, including approx 4,300 posters and 70,000 titles from the historic collections, can be found in our online database.

Orderable materials can be ordered in total via OPAC IJB and are usually available in the reading room shortly after ordering. For larger quantities (10 books or more) and orders from our external storage magazines, same-day processing is not possible. Therefore it is important to order the desired books 2 weeks before the planned visit, or 3 weeks before if public holidays are in between.

It is recommended that you register your visit and the topic to be worked on in good time. We will inform you as soon as the desired materials are available.