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Guided Tours

On a 90-minute tour through the book castle, visitors will get to know the castle and the library and learn more about the history of Blutenburg Castle as well as the beginnings, the mission and the tasks of the International Youth Library.

The tour takes visitors through the reading room, the hallway gallery, all permanent exhibitions, and the medieval chapel. For small children and students, the tour ends in the children's library and offers them time to browse the books displayed.

If you would like your guide to focus on a particular topic during the tour, please let us know in advance.

Fees during office hours               
Children groups: 3,00 Euros per child
Minimum rate 60,00 Euros per group
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Adult groups: 4,00 Euros per person
Minimum rate 80,00 Euros per group

Special tours: 5,00 Euros per person
Minimum rate 80,00 Euros

Fees on weekends and outside regular office hours
100,00 Euros per group