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Here you can find press releases and images about our current publications, exhibitions and events.


"The White Ravens 2021"

The brand new White Ravens + 35 years of White Ravens Catalogue

The White Ravens 2021" recommendation catalog with new publications of international children's and youth literature is now available. Selected by the editors of the International Youth Library, with the collaboration of children's and youth book experts from all over the world. This year's edition contains 200 titles from 54 countries in 38 languages.

"The White Ravens Catalogue" has now enjoyed great popularity for 35 years: in 1986, the selection list first appeared in English under the title "The White Ravens."

The children's calendar 2022 - now available!

With 53 poems and pictures from all over the world. Multilingual

From the current international children's books, the team of the International Youth Library has selected 53 illustrated poems from 34 countries, in the original language and the German translation. 
Compiled in the large-format and multilingual "Children's Calendar 2022", which is now available. Published by the International Youth Library; published by edition momente.

Each week, readers young and old can discover a poem from a different country with its own unique visual language and scripts such as Hindi and Japanese. From Brazil, Canada, the Baltic States, India, Korea and many more. Also in lesser known languages: For the first time, texts in Creole, Rhaeto-Romanic, from Egyptian Arabic and Corsican are included.

"For all those involved it was again an exciting task and at the same time a challenge (...) for children to discover distant and near languages, to get to know rhyme and rhythm, to feel their sound when reading aloud and to experience: that poems are a gift."
Dr. Christiane Raabe, Director of the International Youth Library

"Der Kinder Kalender" has been awarded the Calendar Award of the German Book Trade 2020 as well as the Gregor Calendar Award 2020 of the Graphic Club Stuttgart in SILVER.

Insights into Arabic-language children's literature

Recent recommendation brochure

Since 2017, the International Youth Library has been running a project funded by the City of Munich, the aim of which is to provide an insight into children's literature from Arabic-speaking countries and to recommend books. As part of the project, current titles from publishing programs in the Arab world are screened and communicated in a variety of ways in order to make them known in German-speaking countries, bring them into libraries, and encourage translations.

On August 16, 2021, the International Youth Library's third and final recommendation brochure for this project, "Arabic-Language Children's Books 2021," was published (in German language).

Among other things, it will serve as an orientation aid for librarians, educators, literary mediators, and editors. Because children's books are important mediators of integration. They are inclusive and promote intercultural exchange. 

James Krüss Award 2021

Laureate Tamara Bach

The James Krüss Prize for International Children's and Youth Literature has been awarded every two years since 2013 for an outstanding work of children's or youth literature. The International Youth Library runs it on behalf of the James Krüss Heirs Association. 

In memory of James Krüss, the prize promotes storytelling, cosmopolitanism and tolerance. The prize is awarded to a work of children's and/or youth literature that convinces through linguistic brilliance, originality, imaginative storytelling, diversity of form, and humanity. The James Krüss Prize for International Children's and Youth Literature is endowed with 8,000 euros.

The 2021 James Krüss Prize was awarded to the German author Tamara Bach. Linguistic creativity, formal experiments, an unmistakable tone, and a sophisticated play with the expectations of readers characterize her novels for young people and sometimes also for children. She is a master of modern storytelling for young people who never repeats herself, but imaginatively keeps finding new ways of literary approach to existential questions of adolescent self-discovery. The awarding ceremony took ülace on September 2, 2021 at Blutenburg Castle

The next awarding ceremony is planned for fall 2022.