Travelling Exhibition

“Flowers Stroll Through the Blue of Day…”

Through the Year with Children’s Poems

Children’s poetry lends itself to many kinds of play. Whether they are simple verses, nonsense lines, or concrete poetry, read silently, or read or sung aloud, poems verbally express the love of sound, rhythm, and imagery through language, no matter which country they are from.

Since 2011, the International Youth Library has been publishing a calendar, which features illustrated poems from all over the world. Poems in German and in other languages are selected from a plethora of poetry volumes and collections of verse for the popular and award-winning calendar and are then assembled, one poem for each week of the year. Renowned translators translate the foreign poems into German. Each calendar page displays not only the German translation, but also the children’s poem in its original language alongside the original illustration from the book in which it is found.

A selection of 36 particularly beautiful calendar pages has been assembled for this travelling exhibition. It demonstrates the wide range of visual interpretations of children’s poems by international artists. 

Multi-lingual poems with German translation. Further translations upon request

Next venue:
15 March - end of December 2024:
Children's and Youth Library Xylagani, Rodopi, Greece, in cooperation with the Women's Association Xylagani

Exhibition in the Adult Educational Center (VHS) Landshut, the Public Library in Schwaebisch Gmuend, and the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany