The Colourful World Beyond the Seven Hills

The Colourful World Beyond the Seven Hills

Illustrations to Grimm's Fairy Tales from Seven Decades

Don't we all remember the happy or disturbing, enigmatic or dreamy illustrations that were featured in our childhood fairy-tale books? Between the covers of older and younger editions of the Brothers Grimm's "Children's and Household Tales", or the picture books of individual fairy tales, there are images that have left their indelible mark on the memory of successive generations.

The travelling exhibition "The Colourful World Beyond the Seven Hills" has no intention of reviving memories, but invites visitors to discover and rediscover an artistically rich tradition of fairy-tale illustration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On display is a selection of around 75 illustrations from the historical and contemporary book collections of the International Youth Library, which were digitised for the exhibition. The spectrum ranges from early post-war publications, for example by Hans Fischer and Felix Hoffmann, two of Switzerland's most internationally successful illustrators, to canonized fairy-tale editions by such diverse artists as Werner Klemke, Lilo Fromm, Lieselotte Schwarz, and Janosch, to pioneering interpretations of illustrations from the 1990s and early 2000s, for example by Lisbeth Zwerger, Binette Schroeder, and Susanne Janssen.

In the chronological retrospective on seven decades of fairy-tale illustration, artistic traditions and discontinuities become apparent. A panorama of artistic styles and pictorial conceptions is unfolded, embedded in the respective time period horizon. The exhibition is a journey through the picture book illustration of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The exhibition can be shown independently or in combination with the travelling exhibition "Happily Ever After. Europe Illustrates the Grimms", which features the European fairy-tale book illustration of the last 20 years.

Contents of the exhibition:
75 illustrations on 34 picture panels, 2 introductory panels, labels with biographical notes of the illustrators

Available in German. Other languages upon request

Next venues:
September 2021:
Kulturfreunde Bovenden / Galerie am Thie / Old school house in Bovenden, Germany

Herbert Leupin, from: "Märchen der Brüder Grimm", NordSüd Verlag
Binette Schroeder, from: "Der Froschkönig", NordSüd Verlag