Mirjam Pressler Estate

Mirjam Pressler (1940-2019) bequeathed her literary and artistic estate to the International Youth Library even before her death.

In addition to numerous books in Dutch and Hebrew, which she had translated and intensively annotated, as well as specimen copies of her works, her estate contains manuscripts, handwritten corrected typescripts and printouts of some of her works, such as dark chocolate, November cats, Malka Mai, Shylock's daughter, Stumbling Stones, Nathan and his children, Time on a Stick, Scratches in the varnish as well as adaptations for radio play and film and translations like "Rosendorf Quartet" by Nathan Shacham.

An extensive collection of research material and books about the Erfurt treasure documents the genesis of her posthumously published novel "Dark Gold".

Her estate includes correspondence with publishers and documents from the reception, such as inquiries and fan mail from students, reviews of her works, articles and works about Pressler and her work. The fact that Mirjam Pressler was not only a writer but also a studied visual artist is shown by some of her preserved original paintings. The estate has not yet been catalogued.