Michael Ende's Partial Literary Estate

Michael Ende was personally connected to the International Youth Library. During his lifetime, he bequeathed an original typescript of the novel “Momo” containing hand-written corrections. In 1996 Ende’s widow Mariko Sato donated a portion of his material and literary estate to the International Youth Library, which is on display in the Library’s Michael Ende Museum, the first literature museum in Germany dedicated to an author of youth literature.

Included in the partial estate are hand-edited typescripts of the “Jim Knopf” novels, “Ophelias Schattentheater” (Ophelia’s shadow theatre), “Das Traumfresserchen” (The dream-eater) (a typescript of the libretto for the opera by Wilfrid Hiller), stories, poems, written correspondence, biographical documents, artistic works of his father Edgar Ende and his mother Luise Ende, furniture, personal effects, among others. The partial estate also contains 3,000 volumes of Ende’s study library, including his extensive collection of fantasy literature and Rudolf Steiner editions, as well as 420 Michael Ende first editions in numerous translations.

The partial estate was indexed in the central union catalogue for estates and autographs Kalliope with funds from the German Research Foundation.