Levy & Müller Collection by Ralf Schulze

Ralf Schulze's collection comprises around 1,300 children's and young people's books published by the Stuttgart-based publishing house Levy & Müller between 1894 and 1952. It is a unique, print-run-deep reconstruction of the book production of the Jewish publishing house, whose founder was expropriated by the Nazi regime and which was destroyed in World War II.

Under its signet, the publishing house Levy & Müller gathered together not only popular children's and youth authors of its time such as Tony Schumacher, Josephine Siebe (Punch and Judy books), Agnes Sapper or Erika Mann ("Stoffel flies over the sea"), but also classics such as Ludwig Bechstein, Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Charles Sealsfield or Jonathan Swift.

The publishing house worked with successful illustrators such as Ernst Kutzer, Willy Planck and Carl Schmauk. Characteristic of the book design are series of editions with varying illustrations, with which successful titles were continuously adapted to the taste of the times. Genres such as girls' books, adventure books, fairy tales, World War I war books in the form of so-called "experience books", colonial stories or non-fiction books are represented in the collection, which is catalogued in the OPAC of the International Youth Library (IYL).