Workshop "Silent Books"

2nd till 8th Grade

For classes with students who are not fluent in German, transition classes and language learning groups
Suitable for 2nd to 8th grade
The workshop is adapted to the age and language skills of the group.
Workshop instructor: Renate Groß, theater teacher

One genre of books that has been proven to be very beneficial in workshops focused on language-learning is the genre of wordless picture books - also known as "silent books". These books provide stories without using words, which encourages children and young adults to speak.

In the workshop, the participants get to know various "silent books" in groups. The books' pictures trigger the childrens' and young adults' own thoughts and words, which they then tell each other about in pairs. At the end, the pupils have the chance to act out individual pages from a selected book with their own words and dialogue. Classes with younger students can also work creatively with the books.

The workshop is combined with an introduction to the International Youth Library, where children and young adults can (re)discover books in over 20 languages. They might even find books in their parents' language and show them to their classmates.

Costs and Registration

Duration: approximately 2 hours
Cost: 5 euros per person (minimum cost: 120 euros)
Registration via (089)891211-0 or

If there are any difficulties in financing the workshop with a transition class or group of refugees, please contact us.

Please book the workshops at least six working days before the start of the workshop. Cancellation free of charge is possible up to three working days before the start of the workshop. After that, a flat rate of 80 euros will be charged.