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"Come join us on a journey of discovery!" - Research workshop

Suitable for 2nd to 4th grade
Bookable from April to October
Direction: Barbara Greiner-Burkert, storytelling teacher

"Learning is experience, everything else is just information." (Albert Einstein)

Ida Pfeiffer was the first woman to travel around the world alone and without a financial fortune. She was one of the most famous travel writers of the 19th century and a fascinating person who, against social conventions, went her own way into the unknown. She explored unknown places, guided by an inexhaustible curiosity about the world and its adventures.

Based on the story of the unusual explorer Ida Pfeiffer and the picture book "Ida und die Welt hinterm Kaiserzipf" by Linda Schwab, the workshop conveys to children the curiosity and desire to explore their environment. In an exciting "expedition" around Blutenburg Castle, the children go on a journey of discovery and complete small research assignments. In the process, they will create their own research book.

Price and Registration

Duration: approx. 2.5 h
Cost: 5 euros per person (minimum price 120 euros)
Registration via: (089)8912110 or fuehrungen@ijb.de

Please book workshops at least six working days before the their start. Cancellation is free of charge until three working days before the workshop starts, after that a fee of 80 euros will be charged.