Partial Estate of Christa Spangenberg / Partial Archive Ellermann-Verlag

The publisher Christa Spangenberg (1928-2003) profiled Ellermann-Verlag as one of the most important German publishers of books for children and young people. She played an important role for the International Youth Library by founding the non-profit Internationale JugendbibliothekFoundation in 1995, thus securing the library's long-term existence.

Her son Eberhard Spangenberg handed over to the International Youth Library part of her estate, which documents her work at the Ellermann Publishing House and her cooperation with the International Youth Library, as well as books produced by the Ellermann Publishing House from Christa Spangenberg's private archive. In addition, a part of the Ellermann-Verlag archive with production files was added.

Christa Spangenberg's partial estate includes original illustrations by Lilo Fromm, Annegert Fuchshuber, Ursula Kirchberg, Irmgard Lucht, Reinhard Michl, Peter Sís, and others, some with dedications to Christa Spangenberg, as well as photo albums and artistically designed birthday books.

With the support of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the International Youth Library, the partial estate with archive was made accessible in the autograph portal Kalliope.