Lilo Fromm Estate

The illustrator, graphic artist and painter Lilo Fromm (1928-2023) became known primarily for her children's books illustrated in intense colors. In 1967 she received the German Youth Literature Prize for her picture book based on the Grimm fairy tale "The Golden Bird". In 1988 a large exhibition of her works was presented in the rooms of the International Youth Library. In 2015 Lilo Fromm gave the International Youth Library her artistic legacy, which was made accessible in Calliope with funds from the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the International Youth Library.

Among the special treasures from Fromm's estate are the original illustrations for many of her picture books, such as "The Golden Castle", "Thienemann's New Treasure Box", "The Glass Mountain", "Karline's Duck", "The Letter King", "The Iron John", "Mouffles and Plums", "Snow White and Rose Red", "The Children's House", "The Nightingale in Lilac Sneezes", "The Blue Light", "The Parrot, the Mamagei and other Funny Animals", "Pennants and Pimpels" and many others.

The estate is indexed in the Kalliope web portal.