Josef Guggenmos Estate

Josef Guggenmos (1922-2003) has been one of the most widely read and printed children's poets of the 20th century since his literary breakthrough with the poetry collection "Was denkt die Maus am Donnerstag" (1967). His estate was given to the International Youth Library by his daughters as a gift.

The extensive estate documents Guggenmos' multifaceted work. It contains poems, haiku, aphorisms, short stories, plays for children, translations and numerous correspondences, ranging from early letters of the youth, war and post-war years to correspondence with persons of literary life, publishers, composers and illustrators.  Among them are letters from Hans-Joachim Gelberg (Beltz & Gelberg), James Krüss, Bettina Hürlimann, Heinrich Maria Denneborg, Michael Ende, Otfried Preußler, Hans Baumann, Max Kruse, Käthe Recheis, Irmgard Lucht, Eva Johanna Rubin or Jan Peter Tripp.

Numerous card index boxes provide an insight into Guggenmos' workshop in handwritten notes on moths, beetles, amphibians, birds, and mushrooms. Among the life documents are materials from the war years, numerous photographs, handwritten diaries, etc. The estate was catalogued in Kalliope with funds from the German Research Foundation and can be accessed in the reading room of the IYL.