Lawrence R. Sipe Collection

Lawrence R. Sipe (1949-2011) was Professor of Education and Literature as well as Director of the Program for Language and Literacy in Education at the Penn Graduate School of Education (University of Pennsylvania) in Philadelphia. His collection contains approximately 4,200 volumes of primarily Anglophone picture books and young adult literature from the 1990s to 2011. Collection themes include multiculturalism, African-American literature and fairy-tales.

About two thirds of the collection is made up of picture books, including non-fiction books such as biographies or science books. Further segments of the collection feature belletrist literature for teens and young adults, historical and realistic novels, pop-up books and artists’ books, as well as historical children’s and young adult books. The collection also includes selective secondary literature.

The collection can be accessed on the webOPAC online catalogue under the heading S/C*.