Donaldism Collection by Hartmut Holzapfel

With the friendly mediation of Andreas Platthaus, the former Hessian Minister of Education and State Hartmut Holzapfel has generously donated his Donaldism collection to the International Youth Library Foundation.

The collection comprises above all Donald Duck and other comic editions, as well as secondary literature on Donald Duck and on comics in general. The main part of the collection consists of various editions of Donald Duck comics, for example the bound "Carl Barks Collection", the issues of the "Carl Barks Library" as well as other works by Carl Barks such as "Uncle $crooge". It also contains an Italian-language Donald Duck edition and well-known international comics such as the Yonen Buzz series in manga style by Christina Plaka or the comic novel "Watchmen". Comic adaptations of literary classics can also be found, such as "Alice in Wonderland", Marcel Proust: "À la recherche du temps perdu", Goethe‘s „Zum Schauen Bestellt" or Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

This extraordinary collection is an important enhancement of the collection profile of the International Youth Library. The collection is not yet accessible, but will be catalogued in the medium term.