(c) Reinhard Michl
(c) Reinhard Michl
(c) Reinhard Michl
(c) Reinhard Michel
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The whole world smells viciously of dogs, cats, snails

Foyer, Wehrgang Gallery & Reading Room

Illustrations and Sketches by Reinhard Michl

With "Findefuchs" and "Es klopft bei Wanja in der Nacht", Reinhard Michl has illustrated stories that have become classics of children's literature. Both books are characterized by a great affinity with nature and the animal world, which Reinhard Michl captures realistically and with a distinct sense of mood. His cats, dogs, foxes or bears are not cute cuddly animals, but free beings living in romantic landscapes. Often the full moon shines over a pond or river, willows stand on the banks. Autumn and winter are more popular seasons than spring and summer, longing and melancholy run through many pictures.

But realism and melancholy are only one side of Reinhard Michl's world of pictures. Humor, satire, wit and expressiveness appear when it comes to the human condition. His delight in revealing human weaknesses and follies, in the bizarre and the coarse, can be seen in the fables, house books, jokes and folk songs he illustrates. At times, however, he also explores the fantastic.

Reinhard Michl's oeuvre now comprises more than 100 books. He has collaborated with renowned authors such as Tilde Michels, Irina Korschunow, Michael Ende and Hans Baumann, he has illustrated fairy tales, poems, fables and classics of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The basis for his work are thousands of sketches, which he records in his sketch diaries. They are created daily in parks, beer gardens, inns or while traveling.

On the occasion of his 75th birthday, the International Youth Library is showing a cross-section of his abundant life's work spanning 50 years: Originals to his well-known children's book classics, sketches, free works and illustrated envelopes.

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Saturday & Sunday 2 pm - 5 pm

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Children and Young Adults under 18: free
Adults: 3 Euros (Collective ticket for all exhibitions and museums), 2 Euros (Concession tickets)

Workshops for school classes will be offered to accompany the exhibition.