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Children's games. Funny illustrations for young and old

Around Blutenburg Castle

"Humorparcours" (Humour Trail) around Blutenburg Castle

Children love nonsense. They relish language errors and puns. They enjoy exaggerations, distortions, redundant repetitions and alienations in picture books, children's books, and films. And they laugh at little mishaps, especially when adults make them. Children are masters of comedy and humour. Through laughing, they create a sense of community and develop a relationship with the world and with themselves. Through playing, children discover themselves, cross boundaries, and conquer the world. Play and humour have a lot in common in a child's universe and they are often closely interwoven. This is particularly evident in literature for children, which has humour, comedy, exaggeration, alienation, and logical breaks aplenty. In addition to the text, illustrations play a prominent role in this.

The "Humorparcours" around Blutenburg Castle, an open-air exhibition trail, invites visitors to walk along the path and explore a selection of illustrations that are representative of the subtle humour, comedy, and mischief of nonsensical, childlike play. Starting with pictures by the famous humourist Walter Trier (1890-1951), a variety of international illustrations will be on display. All pictures shown are of high aesthetic quality and decidedly cheerful, thus appealing to both adults and children. In keeping with the season, the focus is on children's games outdoors in summer.

A cooperation of the Forum Humor und Komische Kunst e.V. and the Stiftung Internationale Jugendbibliothek as a contribution to the Humorfestival 2024. With the kind support of Bürgervereinigung Obermenzing e.V. and The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

The official opening ceremony takes place in the Blutenburg castle courtyard on 16 July at 4 pm with a literary and humorous stage programme for families.