#WeStandWithUkraine - Poster campaign against war

In respect to the current situation, the International Youth Library wants to show solidarity with Ukraine - against war, for peace.

The International Youth Library provides interested parties with six selected poster motifs in English and Ukrainian from the travelling exhibition "Hello, Dear Enemy! Picture books for peace and humanity": Libraries, city halls, cultural and community centers, schools and all who wish to express their solidarity with Ukraine are welcome to participate. For a fee of 30.00 EUR you will receive the printing files for a total of 13 posters: six in English, six in Ukrainian and one bilingual information poster.

The fees will be donated without deduction to the project of the Polish foundation Fundacja Powszechnego Czytania. They buy books from Ukrainian children's book publishers, organise the transport of the books to Poland and distribute them to children and their families who have fled Ukraine. This also supports the Ukrainian book market.

We would be very happy if you participated in the solidarity campaign.

Information and booking: empfang@ijb.de

© Photo: International Youth Library Foundation. Picture taken at the book fair in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, in 2015.