Mar 20
Feb 21

The Whole World on One Page

Hallway Gallery

Children romp around, swing on playgrounds, have fun at amusement parks or dance at parties. They go sledding, skiing or skating, lie on the beach in the sun or climb mountains. Cars and trains rush over bridges and through tunnels, people stroll and scurry across marketplaces and crossroads: There's a lot going on in wimmelbooks! On every page there are a thousand things to discover and many stories waiting to be told: Where do you think the boy with the balloon will run to? The dog with the bone? Why are the two boys fighting?

In addition to originals by Ali Mitgutsch, the exhibition shows pictures from international wimmel books published during the last 20 years and invites visitors to take a closer look, marvel and participate.

You can visit the exhibition also on instagram: #wimmeldigital

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