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May 2419.00

Panel discussion

Books from my Childhood. Conversation with author Ingo Schulze


Since his debut "33 Moments of Happiness" (1995), author Ingo Schulze has been one of Germany's most important literary voices. He is regarded as an astute and perceptive observer of East German sensitivities, has written an enchanting love story in the time of reunification with "Adam und Evelyn" (2008) and has done away with the nostalgic glorification of the GDR in novels such as "Die rechtschaffenen Mörder" (2020). In addition to novels and essays, he also writes children's books such as "Der Herr Augustin" and "Die Kuh Ute" and repeatedly intervenes in current political debates. He has received numerous awards for his literary work and has also been President of the German Academy for Language and Literature since 2023 

Ingo Schulze grew up in Dresden in the 1960s and early 1970s. In the "Books from my childhood" series, he talks to Niels Beintker from Bayerischer Rundfunk about formative childhood reads such as the GDR picture book classics "Die Weihnachtsgans Auguste" and "Peter and the Wolf" or the children's books by Franz Fühmann.

The panel discussion will be held in German.

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