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Travelling Exhibition

The White Ravens - Travelling exhibition

A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Every year, the International Youth Library receives about 10,000 new children’s and young adult books from publishing houses around the world. The library’s language specialists, experts in the literature of individual language families, select 200 exceptional titles from among these new additions, which are then introduced with short annotations in an English-language catalogue. Books are chosen based on their potential interest for an international audience, whether due to their innovative literary or illustrative quality, or due to their consideration of universally relevant topics.

The White Ravens are presented at the Book Fair in Frankfurt in autumn as well as at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna in the spring of the following year. The recommended books can then be shown in libraries, schools, or other educational institutions interested in displaying them.

Content of the 2023 version:
200 books from 57 countries in 39 languages. The catalogue includes brief annotations, bibliographic references and images of all the book covers.

Multi-lingual. Catalogue available in English

The White Ravens catalogue 2023 can be downloaded for free as PDF here.

All information on the selected WR books is also availabe in our online database:
The White Ravens

All books are presented on our new WR Instagram account www.instagram.com/thewhiteravens.books/

The current WR can be viewed in the Reading Room of the International Youth Library.

Next venue:
18 September - 3 October 2024:
storytales festival / Youth Library Kassel, Germany
in cooperation with Buchkinder Kassel e.V.

Exhibition of the White Ravens at the Storytales Festival in Kassel, Germany, 2021,
© Can Wagener

Cover motif of the White Ravens catalogue 2023, Copyright © 2023 by Chiki Kikuchi