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Mar 24
Mar 24

Actionbound Rallye as Part of the Kinder-Krimifest 2024

On the Hunt for Clues

Blutenburg Castle

The White Raven needs your help because he has a few puzzles to solve in order to save the Great Conference of the Animals. Together with your feathered friend, you will roam the International Youth Library on your own and uncover the secrets behind the tower walls.

All you need is the "Actionbound" app. Scan the QR code in the KiBi, at the reception or in front of the Michael Ende Museum or enter "International Youth Library" in the app's search field and you're ready to go.

Actionbound Rallye as part of the Kinder-Krimifest 2024
Saturday, March 9 to Sunday, March 24
International Youth Library, Blutenburg Castle
8 to 12 years | free admission

Programme of the Kinder-Krimifest 2024: https://www.kinderkrimifest.de/krimifest/offene-veranstaltungen/