A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Spanish / Argentina


Grau, Didi (text)
Montenegro, Christian (illus.)
Buenos Aires: Pequeño Ed., 2014. – [28] p.
(Series: Panzada de letras)
ISBN 978-987-1374-49-6

Animal voice – Children’s rhyme –
Chain fairy tale – Picture book

High-quality books for very young children require a great art. Didi Grau and Christian Montenegro have a real success on their hands with “Cocorococó”. In the repetitive and formulaic style of a chain fairytale, the rhymed story notes a hen knocking over an inkwell and causing a wild ruckus in the hen house (and on the pages). Gradually, the double pages fill up with characters and present a rising chorus of diverse voices: Co Co, Pi Pi, Guau, Guau, Ay Ay and so on from the peeping, barking, crowing and shouting chicks, dog, rooster, farmer and his wife, cow and cat. On every page, the text becomes a bit longer until the pig – Oink Oink – brings an end to the uproar and it all begins from the start. The excited bustle of the farm inhabitants has its clever graphic equivalent: Just as the stable becomes increasingly crowded, the book’s white pages also fill up with animal characters in simple forms, – stamped in blue and pink left and right and on top of each other – blending colours and planes to form a fluidly flowing whole. (Age: 1+)