A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Yik šab-i mahtābī (Yek shab-e mahtabi)
(A full moon night)

Kutubī, Surūr (Kotobi, Sorour) (text)
Baigdilū, Ġazāla (Baigdelou, Ghazaleh) (illus.)
Tihrān: Šabāwīz (Shabaviz),
2015 (= 1394 h. š). – 32 p.
ISBN 978-964-505-333-6

Moon – Beauty – Identity – Picture book 

“Oh how beautiful you are!”, the black crow shouts out enthusiastically one night as she spots the full moon. She flies up into the night sky and carries her back to her nest. The moon smiles, beams, and is happy to stay with the bird. Yet one morning the crow discovers that the moon has turned black, black like herself. “But I wanted a bright white moon”, the crow rants and raves and kicks her out of the nest. The same thing happens again: The moon stays with a zebra and immediately acquires stripes; with the lady bird, she gets dots, etc. Eventually, the sky can’t bear it anymore and fetches the moon back. Multi-award-winning illustrator Ghazaleh Baigdelou (b. 1980) has transformed the fairytale-like story into unusual, associative pictures. The pages, which feature vivacious characters, are brimming with witty details that inspire the readers’ curiosity and imagination. The main focus is undoubtedly on the buxom, friendly moon, whose proportions occasionally even extend beyond the page borders. (Age: 4+)