A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Sārā-i mihrabān (Sara-e mehraban)
(Friendly Sara)

Taimūrīyān, Ānāhītā (Teymourian, Anahita) (text/illus.)
Tihrān: Kānūn-i Parwariš-i Fikrī Kūdakān wa Nūǧawānān (Kanoon), 2014 (= 1393 h. š.). – [32] p.
ISBN 978-600-01-0063-6

Obstinacy – Stubbornness – Understanding – Picture book 

One midday in summer, Sara sees her doll sitting in the yard staring straight at the sun. She calls out to her to close her eyes, but no matter how much she implores, the doll simply doesn’t obey. Furious, Sara runs outside and presses the doll’s eyes closed. The same evening, Sara looks completely enamoured at the moon that glows brightly in the sky. She is sad that her doll still keeps her eyes closed and pays no attention to the moon. “Could it be”, the girl suddenly muses, “that my doll enjoys watching the sun as much as I love watching the moon?” The next day, the doll eventually opens her eyes again. From then on, they both gaze at the sky together, every morning and evening. With this fantasy tale that at the same time represents children’s everyday experiences, Anahita Teymourian provides a small example about obstinacy, stubbornness, and understanding. The delicate colour illustrations skilfully capture the atmosphere
of the various moods and times of the day. (Age: 4+)