A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Mast-i šīrīn (Mast-e shirin)
(The sweet yoghurt)

Šaʿbān-nižād, Afsāna (Shabannejad, Afsaneh) (text)
Ḥaqgū, Saḥar (Haghgoo, Sahar) (illus.)
Tihrān: Paidāyiš (Peydayesh),
2014 (= 1393 h. š.). – 24 p.
(Series: Qiṣṣaī ki dūstaš daram)
ISBN 978-600-296-069-6

Vanity – Pride – Loneliness – Picture book

“Once upon a time, there was a bowl full of sweet yoghurt.” Thus begins this picture book. It focuses on a capricious and arrogant bowl of yoghurt that obviously isn’t aware of its purpose. No matter who approaches it to graze its delicious content – be it cat, duck, or sparrow – the bowl brusquely spurns them all, pointing out its exquisite origin and its premium quality. Yet pride comes before a fall! As the bowl continues to grumpily brew and bubble, soon no one remembers that it used to be the world’s sweetest yoghurt ever. Afsaneh Shabannejad has written more than 160 publications for children. In this parable-like tale, she talks about vanity and loneliness in a way that even the youngest readers will easily grasp her message. The simple illustrations in shades of green, red, and brown, created by the nationally and internationally renowned Sahar Haghgoo, perfectly match the clarity and simplicity of the text. (Age: 4+)