A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Persian (Farsi) / Iran

Aḥmad Āqā (Ahmad Agha)
(Mr Ahmad)

Malikīǧū, ʿĀṭifah (Malekijoo, Atefe) (text/illus.)
Tihrān: Intišārāt-i Baġa-i Ābī (Intisharat Bagheabi), 2014 (= 1393 h. š.). – [28] p.
(Series: Naqāš-i qiṣṣagū)
ISBN 978-964-7346-24-5

Village – Wedding – Electrician – Light – Picture book

With just a few sentences on the first and last pages of this picture book, a child reports what happens in its home village. One day, Mr. Ahmad and his moped, loaded with a big blue box, roar into the village. People there obviously had to make do without any electricity before, and so the talented, hard-working electrician immediately starts fitting out every single corner with light. Eventually, countless light bulbs glow in and at every house, even in the sheep pen, the trees, and on the farmers’ tools. When his work is done, Mr. Ahmad and the narrator’s aunt get married and dash off on the moped towards their new life. Atefe Malekijoo (b. 1977), who studied fine arts in Teheran, has created pictures that differ considerably from the illustrations commonly found in today‘s children’s books in Iran. Subdued acrylics, painted in large planes, dominate the double spreads of this almost wordless book. Even the protagonists act quietly, almost statically, in semi-profile, resembling actors of a paper theatre. (Age: 3+)