A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Norwegian / Norway


Kaldhol, Marit (text)
Oslo: Samlaget, 2015. – 190 p.
ISBN 978-82-521-8734-2

Loneliness – Bullying – Guilt – Love 

Shrieking sirens. Evacuation. Everyone leaves the school except for Lill-Miriam, who goes and hides. She is convinced that the white men are not saving the other students but instead capturing them. Lill-Miriam lives in her own world, is fascinated by insects and likes bees better than people. Yet her assessment of the situation is off because there is a gas leak, and she is in lethal danger. Susan and Ruben know this. Susan is one of the students who calls Lill-Miriam “beistet” (the beast) and who once joined others to bully Lill-Miriam in a way that got completely out of hand. Since then Susan is plagued by feelings of guilt. Ruben, on the other hand, helped de-escalate the bullying incident. He is in love with Lill-Miriam; she’s just “different”. “Zweet” tells not just one story, but gives glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of three characters, which enables the reader to perceive present and past events differently. (Age: 12+)