A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Norwegian / Norway

ABC. Tegn for tegn med tøysevers
(Sign for sign with nonsense verses)

Torp, Signe (text/illus.)
Oslo: Omnipax, 2014. – [60] p.
ISBN 978-82-8315-016-2

Poetry – Sign language – Nonsense

This book is full of surprises! It has: nonsense ABC poems that alliterate and (!) rhyme, as well as depictions of the gestural signs for the respective words, and of course there are also pictures that illustrate the verses to their full potential across two pages. All this might seem a little confusing, yet the book will inspire both deaf and non-deaf children to play with language, expand on texts, invent new rhymes and not only verbalise these in sound and gesture, but also use them as a basis for their own drawings. This ABC book embodies the ideal of inclusion, introducing everyone to the Norwegian signing alphabet as well as particular gestures, and encouraging readers to try these themselves. (Age: 6+)