A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Norwegian / Norway

Meg, meg, meg
(Me, me, me)

Skomsvold, Kjersti Annesdatter (text)
Oslo: Aschehoug, 2015. – 80 p.
ISBN 978-82-03-25878-7

Egocentrism – Jealousy – Siblings – Guilt 

This short novel is an unusual text, which is not easily classed as a typical “Children’s book – Young adult book.” “Meg, meg, meg” does not have much of a plot, rather the focus is on the thoughts of its female narrator. The subjective narrative perspective makes the story feel highly unreliable, but allows readers to grasp the psychological profile of eleven-year-old Marte. She is, as the title suggests, egocentric, quite odd and lost in thought and awry in her feelings. On the one hand, she is very jealous of her little brother, but on the other hand she is worried something could happen to him. She feels guilty because she dropped him on the floor as a baby. Marte is less a figure for readers to identify with as she is an irritating protagonist. The parents’ dry comments put Marte’s egomania in an objective light, though, and reveal that the girl is somewhat unstrung, but actually has things relatively together. (Age: 10+)