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Brødrene Zapata. En ørkenopera fra Mexico
(The brothers Zapata. A desert opera from Mexico)

Pedersen, Torgeir Rebolledo (text)
Brøgger, Lilian (illus.)
[Oslo]: Cappelen Damm, 2014. – [102] p.
ISBN 978-82-02-41859-5

Mexico – Cat – Music – Crime

The book’s subtitle “A desert opera from Mexico” is apropos. Numerous plot turns provide the requisite drama; there are emotionally evocative and melodramatic scenes, mean scoundrels and enchanting ladies, and naturally singing and music-making. Two tom cats named Støvlesvart and Hvitebart band together with Don Diego, and oppose social injustices in Mexico and drug cartel leader Don Laugerud Huerta in particular. Of course the ne’er-do-well is not happy with this. After wild shoot-outs, Diego and company abscond in the direction of the USA. With all of its imaginative production, this desert opera still has more than a grain of truth to it, as suggested in the use of the names Zapata and Huerta. Even if one does not know the background context, the book is still very satisfying. One can read it again and again, since the spatting cats and incredibly witty illustrations are simply phenomenal. (Age: 8+)