A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Norwegian / Norway

Hvorfor er jeg her?
(Why am I here?)

Ørbeck-Nielsen, Constanze (text)
Duzakin, Akin (illus.)
Kolbotn: Magikon, 2014. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-82-92863-54-1

Philosophy – Social policy – Imagination – Picture book

What would it be like if I were not here, but in another place? In the desert? In a big city? Would I be poor, would I be a refugee, would I have to work? And would I still be me, if
I lived someplace else? These questions race through a youngster’s mind as he imagines sailing in a little boat to an unfamiliar place. Coloured-pencil drawings with delicate water-colouring show the boy in the boat – in the thick of things, but still just an observer, keeping his distance. Only rarely does he interact with other people in his imaginings. The typography of the text echoes this isolation with few words appearing on each white page. This lends a weight to the text that is taken up by the reticent, suggestive pictures. The interplay of text and image make this book into a little jewel; it connects vast philosophical questions with sociopolitical realities without becoming overloaded.
(Age: 4+)