A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Lithuanian / Lithuania

(I will fly)

Babilaitė, Ieva (text/illus.)
[Vilnius]: Self-published, 2014. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-609-408-674-8

Parents / Child – Love – Differentness – Disability – Picture book

Ieva Babilaitė (b. 1973) has created a monumental book: It tells its story nearly without words, using circles, squares and rectangles, gaps and holes that are punched into the book, along with translucent paper to lend material presence to the more subtle layers of meaning. The story: A bird couple is expecting a child. It is born without wings and cannot fly. With the help of the wind and feather clothing, however, the little bird is able to rise into the sky. It is a story about being different and of handicaps, about parental love, the full worth of every person and about being able to do anything. What makes this book special is that well-known Lithuanian illustrator Ieva Babilaitė is able to convey all this using geometrical shapes, playing off the antagonism of the circle and square, of the pointed and round, and achieving great narrative depth. “Skrisiu” is self-published and won a prize for the “Most Beautiful Book” in 2014. (Age: 5+)