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Latvian / Latvia

Miega pasaka
(A tale of sleep)

Zvirgzdiņš, Juris (text)
Paegle, Anita (illus.)
Rīgā: Zvaigzne ABC, 2014. – [48] p.
ISBN 978-9934-0-4072-6

Falling asleep – Bedtime story – Picture book

One night little Matīss is unexpectedly all alone at home. Well, of course Muris the cat and Brunis the teddy bear are there, too. They have a pancake party together, play hide and go seek and make the most of having the house all to themselves. And once it’s time to fall asleep, there’s the purse-toting herd of sheep that Matīss begins to count and name to practice his ABCs – starting with the sheep ladies Adelaide and Beatrice. Seasoned storyteller Juris Zvirgzdiņš uses gentle sentences to tell an old-fashioned bedtime story in the best sense of the word. Anita Paegle brings the child’s world to life with her perceptive and detailed illustrations: One could count every one of Muris the cat’s hairs and every picture has a dark wooly-textured background. Her illustrations earned her an award from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2014 and the “Golden Apple Tree” of the national book art competition for picture book design. (Age: 4+)