A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Korean / Republic of Korea

Wireul bwayo!
(Look up!)

Jung Jin-ho (Jeong, Jin Ho) (text/illus.)
Seoul: Hyeonamsa, 2014. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-89-323-7370-6

Communication – Disability – Friendship – Picture book

Suji is on a family trip when the car crashes. The car loses a wheel and Suji loses sensation in her legs. Every day since, Suji comes out on the veranda and looks down on the people walking on the street. Down there, children play with their dogs and umbrellas march by on rainy days. Suji quietly watches the scene below. One day, in her mind she shouts loudly: “I’m right here. Anybody… please look up!” As if he hears her voice, a kid raises his head and looks up at her. What will happen in Suji’s world now? Jung Jin-ho received the Opera Prima Mention of the 2015 Bologna Ragazzi Award and a Grand Prize at the Children’s Book Contest hosted by the Incheon Metropolitan City Museum. (Age: 10+)