A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Korean / Republic of Korea

Sae geurineun bangbeop
(How to draw a bird)

Song, Jin-Kwon (Song, Jin Gwon) (text)
Song Ji-Yeon (Song, Ji Yeon) (illus.)
Seoul: Munhak dongne, 2014. – 119 p.
(Series: Munhak dongne dongsijip; 31)
ISBN 978-89-546-2591-3

Father – Child – Memory – Poetry

This children’s poetry book expresses the heart-felt wishes of parents to communicate their life experiences to their children and for their children to inherit a better world. Song Jin-Kwon’s moving poems focus on the time and space of childhood. They recall the beauty of nostalgia and suggest the possibility of understanding between parents and children. Thus, they draw a hopeful picture of a world where the past and the present move forward together. The book shows that we need stepping stones to keep memory of the past alive. The poems are well suited to being read out loud, helping to build a bridge between the generations, between past and present. In her illustrations, Song Ji-Yeon assembles little pieces of paper like a collage of childhood memories. The three-dimensional artwork makes the poetry visually salient and evokes the idea that a place for memory still exists. (Age: 7+)