A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Korean / Republic of Korea

Goseumdochi X
(X, the hedgehog)

Noh, In-kyung (No, In Gyeong) (text/illus.)
Seoul: Munhak dongne, 2014. – [52] p.
ISBN 978-89-546-2577-7

Hedgehog – Individuality – Identity –
Picture book

On the first page of this book, readers find a ball placed in a vast surreal landscape. Formed of tightly wound pink threads, it is actually a city named “All”. It is the result of the long-term efforts of its resident hedgehogs and is perfectly constructed to protect against all outside harm. Since the main values in the city are safety, respect and order, all sharp and spiky objects are forbidden. Young hedgehog X loves his spines, however. Inspired by a book banned from the school library, he begins to grow his spines until they are big and sharp. He thus comes to discover his true self. After leaving All, he has to face the outside world on his own. The book’s brilliantly created imaginary city, fast-paced narration and humorous plot twists contrast with the intense emotions that go along with searching for and finding one's identity. Noh In-kyung was selected as Illustrator of the Year at the 2012 Bologna Children’s Book Fair and received the Golden Apple at the 2013 BIB. (Age: 4+)