A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Korean / Republic of Korea

I Chun Pung jeon, Bae Bi Jang jeon
(The stories of Lee Chunpung and Bae Bijang)

Kim, Hyun-yang (Gim, Hyeon Yang) (text)
Kim, Jong-min (Gim, Jong Min) (illus.)
Seoul: Hyeonamsa, 2014. – 115 p.
(Series: Uriga jeongmal araya hal uri gojeon)
ISBN 978-89-323-1701-4

Tradition – Culture – Love – Satire

Lee Chunpung has squandered his family fortune on alcohol, women, and gambling, and still cannot keep himself from spending his last, borrowed funds on Chuwol, a beautiful gisaeng (professional entertainer) from Pyongyang. Bae Bijang promises his wife to stay true, but nevertheless falls in love with Aerang, a gisaeng from Jeju. This book brings the two stories together in one volume. The story of Lee Chunpung harshly criticizes the patriarchy of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) society through the tale of a wealthy merchant’s son who goes on a thoughtless spree but is set straight by his wife. The story of Bae Bijang uses the character of a low-ranking official to mock hypocritical prudery and to expose mainstream attitudes of Joseon Dynasty men. These two classics are as candid, timeless, and relevant as any story one might encounter today. Kim Hyun-yang is a professor at a college of general education. Kim Jong-min majored in philosophy before studying illustration. (Age: 12+)