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Fuwafuwasan wa keitoyasan. Fuwafuwasan no ichinichi
(Fuwafuwa-san and the funny
knit cap)

Hikatsu, Tomomi (text/illus.)
Tōkyō: Fukuinkan Shoten, 2014. – 36 p.
(Series: Nihon kessaku ehon shirīzu)
ISBN 978-4-8340-8132-9

Knitting – Wool – Friendship – Picture book

Fuwafuwa-san works at a yarn shop and knits items her customers order. During Fuwafuwa’s knitting class, a lady comes to get her cap, which is supposed to cover her whole face with openings only for the eyes and mouth. When the lady tries it on, Fuwafuwa-san is shocked to see the openings are wrongly positioned. She promises to adjust the cap in three hours. Her friends Kunekune-san and Boutique Shima-san help her without saying a word. When the lady comes back and tries on her adjusted cap, it fits her perfectly. After they leave the shop, thinking back over the events of the day, Fuwafuwa-san is touched by her friends’ kindness. In this picture book, the illustrations in warm colours and with delicate lines beautifully convey the characters’ feelings and enliven the humorous story. This book is the sequel to the author’s debut work “Today is the Day for Maracas” (2013), the winner of the Japan Picture Book Award (Nippon ehon shō). (Age: 3+)