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Mahorohime to Bukkirayama no ōtengu
(The Phantom Princess and the Giant Goblin of Bukkira Mountain)

Nakagawa, Chihiro (text)
Tōkyō: Kaiseisha, 2014. – 231 p.
ISBN 978-4-03-530920-8

Mountain spirit – Goblin – Raccoon dog – Transformation

Kinuta the raccoon dog has raised a human girl, Phantom Princess, alongside her own little boy, Chacha-Maru. One day, Phantom Princess and Chacha-Maru head to Bukkira Mountain to obtain the magical leaves they need for the shape-shifting raccoon dogs are known for. The two children meet a short-tempered and long-nosed goblin on the mountain. Phantom Princess decides to help the goblin because his nose, which has grown very long as he has become wiser, is now stuck in the ceiling! At the raccoon dogs’ gathering that night, Kinuta fails in her dance, and just then the moon goes into eclipse. Blaming the moon eclipse on Kinuta, the raccoon dogs plan to execute her. But the children trick them and are able to save her life. The author’s own charming illustrations match the enjoyable text. With traditional Japanese mythology woven into the imaginative world, this is an original Japanese fantasy novel, with universal appeal. (Age: 9+)