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ABC! Akebono daini chūgakkō hōsōbu
(ABC! Akebono Broadcasting Club)

Ichikawa, Sakuko (text)
Tōkyō: Kōdansha, 2015. – 270 p.
ISBN 978-4-06-219322-1

School – Broadcasting – Friendship – Love

Ostracized by teammates in the basketball club, Misato suddenly decides to join the Akebono Junior High School Broadcasting Club (ABC) despite having no previous experience. The only members are Misato and a nerdy boy who likes mechanics. Soon, Hazuki, a beautiful new transfer student, joins the club. Hazuki’s rich experience with broadcasting motivates the members, but she herself will not announce on the air – after having unwittingly hurt her friend’s feelings. With Hazuki’s expert guidance, the ABC members improve their announcing skills and enter a broadcasting competition. In the process, they work through inner group conflict and stand their ground against a strict teacher. Misato and Hazuki overcome previous traumas and open their hearts to others again. Teenage readers will easily identify with these characters and enjoy this coming-of-age novel that beautifully depicts different developing friendships. (Age: 13+)