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Italian / Italy

L’ estate che conobbi il Che
(The summer I met Che)

Garlando, Luigi (text)
Milano: Rizzoli, 2015. – 179 p.
(Series: Rizzoli narrativa)
ISBN 978-88-17-08004-0

Grandfather / Grandson – Role model – Guevara, Che – Football

This book is about the special relationship between a boy and his grandfather and the great sympathy the protagonist feels for the extraordinary old man. The grandfather is a master carpenter and carver, and at the same time a progress-minded industrialist. He is ill, but full of energy and a great storyteller. So, for instance, he introduces his grandson to a man who wrote history, became an icon and today can be seen on t-shirts the world over: Cesare learns of Che Guevara’s adventure-filled life from his grandfather. First a doctor, then a guerrilla fighter, Guevara opposed social inequality and believed that education is the most effective weapon against tyranny. This historical biography intermingles with a reportage on the World Cup in 2014 and with the fate of a factory at risk of shutting down. Luigi Garlando understands how to captivate his readers, and draws them into the tales that great history is made up of. (Age: 12+)