A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Italian / Italy


Cinquetti, Nicola (text)
Guicciardini, Desideria (illus.)
Roma: Lapis Ed., 2015. – 200 p.
ISBN 978-88-7874-387-8

Homer / Iliad / Adaptation

This book offers an adaptation for children of the entire Homeric epic and features the elegant language of Nicola Cinquetti and numerous impressive illustrations by Desideria Guicciardini. The topic is the well-known story of the last fifty-one days of the Trojan War, a really endless war. The deeds of Achilles are portrayed, that great strong hero of the Achaeans, and those of Hector, the noblest and bravest man of the Trojan host. Readers witness nine years of siege, the war games, and finally also the emotions, passions and actions of the protagonists. This piece of world literature concerns love and death, the possibilities of taking one’s fate into one’s own hands, and also the gods whose interventions in human affairs decide destinies. It concerns the conquerors and the conquered, the deeds and the courage of mortals, as well as the power and moods of the gods. (Age: 8+)