A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

Italian / Italy

Fuori fuoco
(Outside the line of fire)

Carminati, Chiara (text)
Milano: Bompiani, 2014. – 204 p.
ISBN 978-88-452-7259-2

Friuli / 1914-1918 –World War I – Family – Separation – Coming of age – Historical fiction

In this book, the First World War is described from the perspective of thirteen-year-old Yolanda. Together with her Italian family , she is forced to leave Austria when war breaks out, since they are unwelcome immigrants there. Readers follow along with Jole’s thoughts and her actions as in a diary made up of words and photos “outside the line of fire”. Thirteen photographs, which are only “visible” through their description in the text, form an integral part of the story. Thanks to these “photos” and the text, readers can take in facts attentively and get a sense for historical places leading from the rural farming land of Friuli to the cities of Udine and Grado. The book tells of women far away from the trenches of war but still affected by it, of rivers that become floating graveyards, of women who do not give up, who mourn the dead but also bring children into the world. Jole dreams of becoming a midwife like her grandmother, whom she meets for the first time during the war. (Age: 13+)