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Italian / Italy

Il cammino dei diritti
(The path to rights)

Carioli, Janna (text)
Rivola, Andrea (illus.)
Casalecchio di Reno (BO) [et al.]:
Fatatrac [et al.], 2014. – [48] p.
(Series: Nuove foglie d’album)
ISBN 978-88-8222-358-8

Human rights / 1786-2013 – Democracy – Poetry

The pictures composed by Andrea Rivola take center stage in this unique book about human rights. At their side stand the words of Janna Carioli – words that become text through the skilful art of an author who knows how to create connections and bring out important aspects of the topic of rights as well as of civil life. The book portrays the difficult, obstacle-filled path that has led over the course of centuries to democracy in more and more countries. But today there are still rights being trampled upon, and there remain countries all over the world who have never known of such rights. The book helps readers to become aware of twenty essential stages in the history of human rights. These twenty historic events, which are introduced in short texts, bring history to life. The book also offers poems, which are written with care, insight, and courage and which underscore the meaning of democracy. (Age: 7+)