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Alexē, phae kati!
(Alexi, eat something!)

Phalkonakē, Alison (Falkonaki, Alison) (text)
Geōrgellē, Klairē (Georgelli, Kleri) (illus.)
Athēna: Metaichmio, 2014. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-960-566-534-0

Nutrition – Play – Imagination – Picture book

Hyper Alexi is steeped in play and has his whole family running after him, to make him finally take a break to eat. Every request sends him escaping into the next imaginary land. There carrots help him see more sharply than owls can, fruit whips him up into the universe, and milk is a magic drink that lets him vanquish rhinoceroses. Finally, the exhausted Alexi notices he is hungry. The illustrations of internationally recognised graphic designer Kleri Georgelli form a turbulent backdrop for this story, in which the familiarity of home colourfully and cleverly alternates with the childish, creative urge for independence. Alison Falkonaki, nutrition expert and new author, masterfully lends the plot a second interpretative level that inspires young readers to learn about healthy eating without overt pedagogical intervention. (Age: 4+)